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Scottsdale Cabinet Refinishing is The Most Economical Way

Phoenix Cabinet Painting

We provide a focused spraying service that turns an idea into life, with an easy process. Refinishing or refacing your cabinets is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a facelift. Scottsdale cabinet painting service is matched with great care and speed, so you can enjoy your beautifully painted cabinets. First, We remove the cabinet doors for spraying at our Shop. 

We spray the body of your cabinets in your place. We seal the space and use negative air removers which filter the air and take it out of your house so pretty much no fumes will fly around your place. We spend 1 to 3 days refinishing and painting the body of your cabinets and this depends on the size of your vanity or kitchen cabinets. Once this is completed, we get your doors back onto your cabinets, doors usually arrive within a week after the kichen body has been completed. We offer quick and easy appointments for Scottsdale cabinet refinishing

If your cabinets are structurally sound, you don’t have to opt for expensive replacements just for a change in color. Cabinet refinishing takes elbow grease, attention to detail and some know-how, but it can be done in a fraction of the time it would take to install all new cabinetry. Cabinet refinishing strips away the old color, cleans the surfaces thoroughly and applies the new tone of your choice. Add a splash of white or yellow to light the room! Off-set light walls with rich wood stain or your favorite earth tone.cabinets 

Painting cabinets gives them an updated look without full replacement. Paramount can remove your existing doors and drawer fronts and take them offsite to spray paint a smooth, factory finish. We use high performance, low odor durable paints that won’t peel or chip with use. Do you have new construction? We can ensure that your cabinets have the color and tone you want to bring just the right touch to the room.

Over the years there was a  bigger need for homeowners, like you, to be able to turn a professional painting company, we noticed the need.  After observing the need for a truly professional painting contractor we moved in the residential sector. We decided to offer homeowners with the same quality painting services that architects and designers normally hire. Our painting service has been given praises by architects and interior designers. We are now turning that level of service over to heads of households and high end rental properties.  Homeowners are able to receive one of the most competent group of painters in the area, plus exceptional integrity.

Whether you have cabinets that need refinishing or long lasting paint finish. We apply epoxy garage floor paint or acid staining on your concrete floors. Acid stained floors are medium maintenance that will last for years. We offer popcorn texture removal, drywall repair or wallpaper installation. We will send a specialist out to evaluate your project.  For some projects you can send us pictures for a faster quote. We will make sure you satisfied and know what to expect from Scottsdale cabinet painter service.

Renovating your kitchen cabinets is time-consuming and complicated. But hiring cabinet refinishing in Scottsdale expert makes cabinet refinishing a breeze. Our color consultants can help you choose the best color or the type of finish you want. To get started, you just need to tell us a bit about your cabinets and what you want. You will get a free quote and before you know it, professional painters will be painting.

Painting contractors are experienced in cabinet painting. They can simply repaint doors and use a durable finish on your kitchen cabinets! Our house painters will come to your house with all the necessary materials. Whatever your desired look, painters can deliver. Our Scottsdale cabinet refinisher service is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Renovating your kitchen cabinets is a huge undertaking. It is a time consuming and complicated task. But hiring experecienced professional painters makes cabinet painting a breeze. Our color consultants can also help you choose the color of your new paint or the type of finish you want. To get started, you’ll need to tell us a bit about your kitchen cabinets and what you want. You will get a free quote and before you know it, professional painters will be painting.

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